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Optical Camera Tracking
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RedSpy Specification

Camera and Sensor Unit

Wireless, Optical tracking for ANY camera in your studio!


6.3 cm (ф) x 10 cm (h)


0.35 kg

Controller Board Unit


22 cm (w) x 22 cm (l) x 4 cm (h)

Package in Hard case


55 cm (w) x 40 cm (l) x 25 cm (h


9.3 kg

Installation Time

Time needed to install the markers + 6 seconds per each m2 (or each 10 ft2) of space covered for accurate measurement of markers position

Recalibration Time

Automatic, 20 seconds after power on

Data Delay

5 ms

User Interface

Simple graphical touch screen user interface

Data Connection

Serial or UDP connection. For steadicam operation data is sent wirelessly

Data Recording

Data recording is supported for post-processing requirements

Supported Lenses

Canon digital (cable); Fujinon digital (cable); Other lenses supported with external encoders

Supported Engines

Vizrt, ZeroDensity, Unreal, Unity 3D, Disguise, Wasp3D, Xpression, Pixotope, Brainstorm, Avid, Ventuz, RTSoftware, ChyronHego, and others

Supported Systems

Pedestals, Dollies, Steadicams, Cranes, Handheld

Data Resolution

Positional resolution: <0.1mm; Angular resolution: <0.003 degrees


System does not accumulate any drift


1 Year warranty

Stage 1 of operation

Accurate measurement of markers position in 3D

Stage 2 of operation

Tracking using 3D models of accurately measured out markers position from Stage 1

Other characteristics

The system never determines a distance between pairs of markers in the captured images.