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What is GreenKiller?

Looking for a powerful and efficient chroma keying solution to take your production to the next level?

Our GreenKiller plugin, is a chroma keying solution for virtual production and it is one of the main functionalities of StypeLand based on the Unreal engine. It offers exceptional performance in differentiating subtle color nuances on a cyclorama, allowing it to preserve and bring real shadows over to your VirtualReality set.

GreenKiller is a software based chroma keyer totally integrated in StypeLand, so no need for additional hardware parts for its use.

With GreenKiller, you can transform your green screen into anything you like, making your competitors green with envy.

Whether you’re producing a film, a TV show, or any other type of media, our advanced chroma keying solutions can help you achieve outstanding results that engage and captivate your audience.

Even with rudimentary green screens and simple lighting, GreenKiller can deliver outstanding results, including real reflections, hair, liquids, and depth-of-field effects.