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StypeKit is a camera-tracking add-on for cranes which effectively turns ‘old cranes’ into modern Virtual & Augmented Reality systems.


StypeKit is a fully mechanical system, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and doesn’t require any modifications to your crane meaning it’s suitable even for rented cranes.


StypeKit is the product that originally made the brand “stYpe” known around the world, for good reason. If you need to track a crane, StypeKit is the solution you’ve been looking for.

How to setup?

StypeKit is designed in such a way that no physical modifications are needed to the crane. The system simply bolts onto some key points of cranes. This means fast setup times and also makes the StypeKit suitable for tracking rented cranes. As it is a bolt-on, so you can use it on different cranes within the same day.

StypeKit is very portable and all the components fit in a carry-on plane luggage!

Automatic aiming and focusing

An additional interesting feature of the StypeKit is the automatic aiming and focusing (targeting) feature which allows the crane operator to let go off the joystick and just swing the crane arm, while the StypeKit will be automatically controlling the crane head.

All these features make StypeKit a robust camera tracking solution: it’s easy to set up and gives the highest level of camera tracking results, which is why it’s trusted by the top broadcasters around the world.

Simplified configuration scheme

We encode the camera crane movement by placing StypeKit’s sensors on all pivot points of the crane. Sensors collect X, Y, and Z movements along with Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom, Focus, and Travel on Dolly.

This positional data is then processed and sent to the render engine for compositing the real footage with virtual.



RECALIBRATION TIME AFTER POWER UP    Automatic (no recalibration required)
CAMERA TILT/PAN ANGLE    360 degrees
DATA RECORDING    FBX format, for post-processing requirements
ENCODER INPUT (8 channels)    Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Dolly
SUPPORTED LENSES    Canon digital (cable), Fujinon digital (cable),

and other lenses (with external encoder)

PROTOCOL    FreeD, Stype A5, Stype HF
SUPPORTED ENGINES    VizRT, Avid, Xpression, Pixotope,

and many others

DOLLY TRACK LENGTH    13/30 meters
DRIFT    The system does not accumulate any drift