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Follower is a motion capture system for film and live broadcasts that tracks cameras, objects & talent simultaneously.



One System Workflow

Follower is intended for use in film and live broadcasts and opens doors for innovative effects and significant innovation in the coming era of virtual production. It’s the only mo-cap system we’re aware of that offers a professional level of camera tracking. Since everything is tracked with one system, the problem of aligning multiple virtual worlds is, therefore, non-existent.

One Follower system can track hundreds of elements in your studio which means you can track multiple studio cameras and hundreds of props or talent.

How does it work?

A Follower setup consists of 4 (or more) infrared witness cameras positioned around the studio and up to 1000 LED beacons that can be tracked. The system tracks the position and orientation of these beacons and enables all sorts of functionalities, like camera tracking or attaching graphics to them in real-time.

Follower’s LED beacons are emitting unique light patterns or solid light, so each beacon is unmistakably identified and is unmistakable with other LED beacons.


It integrates easily with all commonly-used rendering engines – Vizrt, Avid, Unreal, Unity, Brainstorm, Ross, StypeLand, and many others.



stYpe Spyder

Follower’s camera tracking functionality is achieved by attaching Spyder modules to each studio camera you want to track.

Because these Spyder modules are relatively cheap, the Follower system is a wise choice for studios that are looking to track multiple cameras at the same time.




Follower Pen and MiniBeacon are two exciting technologies that enable you to create and interact with 3D drawings in a completely new way.

Follower Pen is a unique device that allows you to draw three-dimensional images in mid-air, in real-time.

MiniBeacon is a tiny device that allows you to interact with your 3D drawings in real-time, by using Bluetooth technology to communicate with your phone or tablet.

With these cutting-edge technologies, the possibilities are endless for artists, designers, and anyone who loves to explore new frontiers of creativity. So why not try them out for yourself and see what amazing things you can create?