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Outdoor event

Welcome to our Outdoor Events category, where we offer camera tracking solutions tailored specifically for outdoor events and movie sets that take place outside.

Our range of products includes the Follower Tracking System, HumanCrane, Faraway Head, StypeLand, and RedsSpy, all designed to deliver top-quality footage and smooth camera movements even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Our Follower Tracking System allows for seamless tracking of moving objects, such as vehicles, animals, or people, while the HumanCrane provides a stable, elevated platform for capturing dynamic aerial shots.
The FarawayHead enables long-range shots from a remote location, while StypeLand provides a versatile camera tracking solution that can adapt to different terrains and environments.
Our RedSpy system, on the other hand, delivers high-speed tracking for action-packed scenes, making it ideal for sports events or fast-paced sequences.

With our camera tracking solutions, you can capture stunning footage of outdoor events and movie sets with ease and precision, ensuring that every shot is a masterpiece.

Explore our range of products today and discover the perfect camera tracking solution for your needs.