Indoor / Outdoor:
Type of event:
Product used:
Render Engine:
Camera support:
Spyder camera tracking - NetEase Martial Arts S2 Finals
Launch of pierced markers technology - stYpe keynote
Panasonic PTZ 4K camera & RedSpy System integration
UFC 257: McGregor vs Poirier 2 - Tracking by stYpe
Apple TV | Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special
XR-powered commercial by Masimo
Behind the scenes footage of Masimo's XR-powered commercial
In-Depth 2020 STYPE Technology Demonstration in Chapters
XR performance by INGRET - "Save My Planet"
Katy Perry - Daisies (Live From American Idol Finale, May 17 2020)
Image of BBC Sports Studio in Moscow fitted with RedSpy cameras
RedSpy case study: BBC studio tech breakdown
Drawing in Mixed Reality using stYpe Follower
Augmented Reality Drawing using stYpe Follower
AR butterfly following stYpe Follower
Interacting with a Virtual Car - Car Part Selector
Augmented Reality Stage for BTS "Love Yourself" World Tour
Walking in between AR graphics using stYpe Follower and RedSpy
BBC - the live election night in Great Britain!
Unreal video for FOX Sports' NASCAR Race Hub
FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019
Halsey on Ellen show
#TouchTheGraphics - stYpe's presentation of Follower and RedSpy at IBC2019
stYpe @ MTV Video Music Awards 2019
Unveiling of Chevrolet's 2020 Corvette Stingray!
Eurovision Song Contest
"Esports | AIC 2018 Finals"
League of Legends Worlds 2018 Opening Ceremony
Winter Olympic games 2018 powered by stYpe
3D graphics for FuelTV's virtual guide to Fiji
StypeKit powered 3D graphics for FuelTV's Virtual Guide to Fiji
US election night on NBC Universal delivered with immersive 3D graphics and stYpe
Interview with Andrew Moss, Vizrt graphics manager
Case Study: Fox Sports brings 30 days of virtuals to women's soccer fans
stYpe & Valve are taking you to Dota2 – Internationals Championship 2018
Super Bowl Opening Night
CASE STUDY: Election live broadcast with RedSpy on NovaTV
2017 Mid-Season Invitational powered by stYpe, Vizrt & Girraphic
stYpe @ WWE brawl
S7 Leauge of Legends World 2017
2018 FAST4 Showdown in Australia
MTG Sport uses Stype Kit for all major sport events
UFC on FOX 28 deliverd with stYpe
NFL Draft 2018
Dota 2 Championship 2017 powered by stYpe
stYpe tracking powers the Super Bowl on Fox Sports
LoL Mid-Season Invitational in Brasil powered by stYpe
Big AR Show at Cabsat 2018
Croatian broadcaster Nova TV uses stYpe in their daily news
'State of Unreal' presentation from GDC 2018.
RedSpy debut on BBC Scotland UK Parlament Election
Augmented reality brought by stYpe, Jita Cam and Vizrt
Gaming tournaments in South Korea used stYpe and wasp3D to deliver AR
Dreamwall's Open House presented RedSpy optical tracking system
stYpe brings you the trailer of Netherlands election night
World premiere of RedSpy camera tracking system from stYpe
World premiere of RedSpy - camera tracking system at NAB 2017
Festival Viña del Mar 2017| AR by stYpe & Vizrt
Croatian Local Election 2017 powered by RedSpy
Indian Premier League Cricket powered by stYpe
Estonian municipal elections 2017 on ERR with stYpe
stYpe at Gala du Cinema Quebecois 2016
Kabaddi 2016 on Star Sports - AR graphics by Alston Elliot made with stYpe, Vizrt and JitaCam
stYpe tracking powers Daytona 500 AR graphics on Fox Sports
stype kit showreel
SHOWREEL │ Stype Kit Camera Tracking System
Election night on NovaTV delivered with immersive 3D graphics and Stype
CBC Stype kit Augmented Reality
CBC Augmented Reality Broadcast with Stype and Vizrt
Stellar Virtual Graphics made with a 30-foot camera crane!
Power of Augmented Reality Demonstrated at BVE2015 by StypeGRIP and Vizrt
NAB Show 2015 │ Augmented Reality in TV Broadcast
StypeGRIP@IBC 2015 │ Realtime Augmented Reality Showcase
stYpe Kit demonstration at NAB2016 in Las Vegas
The Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival │AR graphics powered by stYpe
Case Study: Nova TV virtual studio with immersive graphics
Case Study: Tianjin TV virtual graphics
MTV movie awards, virtuals by Stype&Orad
2015 MTV Movie Awards
NASCAR on Fox Sports with Augmented Reality
Stype Kit debuts at IBC 2014!
stype kit
Viasat Sports breaks the virtual wall with the Stype kit and Viz virtual studio
BBC's immersive broadcast graphics for Scottish referendum 2014
Magical augmented reality on the set of the Hourouf show
FIFA World cup 2014 virtuals for SuperSport TV
BBC Sport's 3D graphics for Wimbledon 2014
BBC Sport's FIFA World cup 2014 virtual graphics with Stype kit & Vizrt
Historical reenactment in honor of 70th anniversary of D-Day
Heineke cup augmented reality stype kit
StypeGrip brings augmented reality to Heineken Cup
3D broadcast graphics for Star sports
Star Sports presents exciting 3D broadcast graphics
Night of the flemish stars
Encoded Jib&Dolly
3d surfs
Surf's up! Quicksilver surf competition 2014 with augmented reality
Stype kit and Vizrt used for outside broadcast
3D Outside Broadcast Graphics for Fox Sports Australia's NRL
stype kit, vizrt, 10m stanton crane
30ft camera crane and virtual graphics
StypeGRIP and Vizrt together at SMPTE 2013
SMPTE 2013 conference highlights
Interview with Paul Slater, director at Fox sports Australia
Customer work - RugbyHQ's augmented reality set with the Stype kit
Canon 100mm auto focus test
Customer work - testing auto focus capabilities
crane encoding
Augmented reality set with the Stype kit