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Motion Capture

As an industry veteran in VR production, stYpe pushes boundaries in various industry fields, including motion capture technology.

Motion capture technology, especially motion capture suits are commonly used in the entertainment industry, particularly for creating realistic and lifelike animations of characters in movies, TV shows, and video games.

The technology behind motion capture suits has advanced significantly in recent years, with newer suits using more advanced sensors and wireless communication to provide even more accurate and responsive motion tracking

stYpe has been involved in many projects in the course of the last decade which included motion capture technology and motion capture suits, particularly the Xsens motion capture suit.
To overcome its limitations, we used our stYpe technology to smoothen out the workflow and it the end clients' experience with the motion capture technology.

To be more specific, we used our stYpe Follower Tracking System to help with positioning objects and/or people within 3D virtual space.
Xsens suit in certain situations had a problem picking up the position of the suit in the virtual set, but with the Follower technology that issue has been successfully dealt with, pinpointing the precise location of the character in the virtual world no matter what the person is doing on the actual set.

With Follower tracking camera system, people and objects was never as this easy, as it is all done within one system. With the newer rendition of the Follower, the whole process has been more streamlined and simplified.