Q: What is the Stype kit?
A: Stype kit is a hardware device which gathers real-time positional data of camera in 3D space. In combination with a render engine, this allows you to put virtual graphics into a real life set and achieve the effect of augmented reality.

Q: How does the Stype kit work?
A: Stype kit attaches to an existing camera crane, detects the necessary positional data (pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus), processes it, and sends it to a rendering engine. In this way, the rendering engine can then put virtual objects in your real physical studio, which opens many possibilities to make interesting TV sets.

Q: Where can I find detailed technical specifications of the Stype kit?
A: You can download Stype kit’s technical datasheet here.

Q: Do I need any special floor surfaces, sensors or markers to use the Stype kit?
A: Stype kit doesn’t require special floor surfaces, sensors or markers. It uses traditional, custom-made encoders and you don’t need any extra equipment to make it work.

Q: Do we need to use green screen with the Stype kit?
A: A green screen is not necessary for Stype kit. You are free to put 3D graphics anywhere you wish in the studio. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t use the green screen, you can use it freely if you wish to build a virtual studio environment for example.

Q: Does Stype company produce 3D broadcast graphics?
A: Stype provides hardware equipment for tracking the positional data of camera in 3D space in professional broadcast studios. Stype does not produce 3D broadcast graphics but works closely with best companies in industry and can provide turnkey solutions to clients who require a whole package.

Q: What hardware and/or software is required to work with the Stype kit?
A: You need a camera crane (Stanton Jimmy jib, CamMate crane or Supertechno telescopic jib is recommended as it’s supported as Plug&Play) and a render engine for rendering the real time broadcast graphics (such as from companies like Vizrt or Orad).

Q: What type of camera crane do I need to be able to work with the Stype kit?
A: Stype kit was designed to be used with industry standard camera crane – the Stanton Jimmy jib USA, CamMate crane or Supertechno telescopic jib. Every Stype kit component is carefully thought through so the whole system works like a plug and play device. This means it takes 1 hour for the first installation and once the components are in place you need less than five minutes for recalibration.
Stype kit can also work with other types of camera cranes, but this requires customization of the given camera crane. Customization period is usually 2-3 weeks.

Q: Do we need to make modifications to our Stanton Jimmy jib, CamMate crane or Supertechno telescopic jib?
A: You don’t need to make any modifications to your cranes for it to work with Stype kit. Since Stype kit is made to be used as a Plug&Play device for Stanton Jimmy jib, CamMate crane or Supertechno telescopic jib, there are no modifications necessary.
This means that if we organize a demo, after which we remove the kit from your crane, the crane will stay intact. We are still using your Stanton/CamMate/Supertechno joystick because our system can read it. We provide you with our custom made servo motors for the head which replace your Stanton/CamMate motors and also the control box is no longer necessary.

Q: Can we purchase a Stanton Jimmy jib or CamMate crane from Stype or do we need to contact Stanton for this?
A: Yes, you can purchase it from us and it will be delivered to your preferred location.

Q: Do you recommend any additional equipment for use with the Stype kit?
A: If you wish to achieve greater flexibility of movement, you can put the crane on a dolly and that way add another dimension to your set. To track this additional axis of movement, we offer a dolly sensor specifically made for this purpose.
This dolly sensor ensures that besides regular encoding of the crane’s pan/tilt/roll/zoom/focus position, you receive also the positional data of the crane moving along the rail.

Q: What does the automatic aiming and focusing feature do?
A: Automatic aiming and focusing ensures that once you pick your object of aiming, you can freely move the jib arm, without even touching the joystick, and the camera will still aim at your target and keep it in focus.
This is one of the Stype kit’s built-in features. It is a fully automated way to track objects in a scene with your camera mounted on a crane while retaining focus – sort of like an autopilot. This is really useful when you are pointing at a virtual object in 3D space since the object isn’t physically present in the studio. In this situation, it helps to reduce a delay a lot, since the operator normally sees the delayed picture with the augmented graphics. It is also good for operators who are just starting in the business for picking up pace – but seasoned professional camera operators can find it useful because it gives them flexibility to focus on creating a beautiful shot. Good example of what automatic aiming and focusing can do for you can be seen in this video.

Q: Can I try out the Stype kit before I purchase?
A: You can request a demo here or see who else is using the Stype kit near you on our global community map and perhaps a presentation of some sort can be arranged.



Q: How long does it take to get ready to shoot?
A: Once Stype kit is shipped to you, it takes around 1 hour to install it onto the crane. After it’s installed, you will only need to perform short 2-minute calibrations before each shooting.

Q: What lenses can I use with the Stype kit?
A: Stype kit supports all existing ENG camera lenses. However, we always like to get the information on which lens will be used from the clients so we can check and ensure that the client will receive the correct connectors on the cabling.

Q: How much delay does the Stype kit add to the video signal? Is there a delay in the output signal?
A: The data is sampled with a 1 ms of delay, and it takes about 5 ms to arrive to the render engine.

Q: Can the Stype kit be used outdoors?
A: All components are made to endure the test of time – Stype kit is built to last and it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. For a rainy weather we suggest to protect the connectors with the nylon and a duct tape.

Q: What is the maximum length of rails to be used with encoded crane?
A: Standard is 7.5 meters, and maximum is 30 meters.

Q: Which protocols can I use with the Stype kit?
A: Free D protocol which is sort of a standard for tracking equipment, and also our proprietary Stype V1 protocol. We send the data over the RS-422 serial connection, or UDP Ethernet data stream.



Q: Do I need your support on the site for first installation and calibration?
A: Yes, support is needed for the initial installation and calibration.

Q: Besides of calibration of the Stype kit, can you calibrate the lenses.
A: Yes, we normally calibrate the lenses for our clients. We have the tracking experts inside the company which make sure every installation goes smooth. This means that we have experience in working with the major rendering engines such as VizRT, Orad, and ect.

Q: How long does it take to train operators?
A: One day is enough to do the training.

Q: How can I get support in case of problems?
A: You are welcome to contact Stype support at info[at]stypegrip.com for all inquiries. All problems get solved with communication and working together.

Q: Do you offer warranty for your system?
A: Yes. Period of warranty coverage is 18 months.

Q: What does the warranty cover?
A: Only parts with the correct serial number are covered by warranty. Warranty is only valid in combination with original invoice which the Customer received after purchase from Stype CS.

Q: What doesn’t the warranty cover?
A: Warranty does not cover equipment which has been damaged due to misuse, abuse, or accidents such as: failure to follow the operating instructions from Stype kit’s User Manual which is provided by Stype, improper or unauthorized repair even just opening the console or other parts), fire, flood or other events beyond the control of Stype. Parts which have incorrect serial numbers are not covered by warranty.



Q: How can I order?
A: You can request an official quote or contact us if you have additional questions.

Q: What is the lead time of a Stype kit?
A: Our normal lead time is 2 weeks in worst case scenario. We keep units on stock so usually you can get it within a few days from the order placement.

Q: How long does it take for shipping?
A: Shipment can be at your doorstep usually within 3-5 working days wherever you are located.



Q: Can I rent the Stype kit?
A: Yes. You can request rental on this page.