Technical specifications

Here you can see a simplified configuration scheme as well as basic technical specifications of the Stype kit. For more information, you can download the Stype kit datasheet. Have questions? Contact us!


Simplified Configuration Scheme

Stype kit’s main console receives positional data of the camera in 3D space and sends it in real time to the render engine of choice. Such information includes PAN/TILT/ROLL of the head, FOCUS&ZOOM from the camera, PAN/TILT of the camera crane’s arm. You can even put the crane on rails and receive virtual data along this axis too for ultimate flexibility.

Virtual studio setup Stype kit


Technical specifications at a glance

For detailed technical specifications please refer to the Stype kit’s datasheet ›› Download Datasheet
Encoder input: 8 channelsPan, Tilt, Roll/External Encoder, Zoom, Focus, Dolly
Canon lenses digital protocolYes
Fujion lenses digital protocolYes
Re-calibration time after power upUnder 30 sec (If the camera crane was moved to another location then under 5 minutes)
Kit weightUnder 12 kg
Head max payload22,6kg
DollyTravel on tracks (rail)
Camera tilt angle360 degrees
Camera pan angle360 degrees
Zoom encoder resolution~7,000 pulses
Head max speed90 degrees/sec
Ramping modesExponential, averaging, acceleration limit
Auto aimingYes
Auto focusingYes