StypeKit is a bolt-on camera tracking system for a camera crane. The system does not require any additional external sensors or infra-red cameras to deliver precise positional data of the camera in 3D space. StypeKit is specially designed, so there is no need for any physical modifications of the camera crane. This guarantees for fast setup times and even enables producers to use it on different broadcast locations throughout the day. On top of that, StypeKit is exceptionally portable, and that makes it perfect for outside virtual reality broadcast. Top level broadcasters, including the BBC, Fox Sports, MTV and many others, are already enjoying all the benefits of using the StypeKit. The system can be paired with any render engine currently available on the market including Vizrt, Orad, Wasp3D, RT software, BrainStorm, XPression, Chyron Hego. StypeKit has a powerful lens calibration feature that sets a new standard of quality and lets clients focus more on the creative aspect of the project and less on technicalities. The calibration is done within the StypeKit console. Add to this StypeKit’s automatic aiming and focusing (targeting) feature and you get a robust camera tracking system that is easy to setup, calibrate and use while producing professional results every time. Download and read the StypeKit brochure here.

Why StypeKit?

You can integrate the StypeKit in your production pipeline fast and intuitive. Our main concern is to eliminate redundant actions and make the learning curve as steep as possible. This gives you more time to work on the creative process of designing the show not worrying about technical stuff too much. Let us go through some of the advantages of using the StypeKit:

  • Works with Stanton Jimmy, CamMate and Super Techno telescopic camera cranes
  • Bolt on system – no need for physical modifications of the crane
  • Works with any render engine (e.g. Vizrt, Orad, Wasp3D, RT software, BrainStorm, XPression, Chyron Hego…)
  • Able to acquire data from a crane on rails
  • Has a feature that enables automatic aiming and focusing – targeting
  • No need for external sensors
  • No need for special floor surfaces in the studio
  • No need for a line of sight (interfering objects etc.)
  • It is not photosensitive (works in a dark studio and outdoors in the sun)
  • Easy to setup (half an hour for initial installation and ~15 minutes for initial calibration*)
  • Integrated lens calibration feature
  • Portable
  • Cost effective

*If a crane is on rails, additional time is needed to level the rails properly

Simplified Configuration Scheme

We encode the camera crane movement by placing StypeKit’s sensors on all pivot points of the crane. Sensors collect X, Y and Z movement along with Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom, Focus and Travel on Dolly. This positional data is then processed and sent to the render engine for compositing the real footage with virtual graphics – in real time. Stype kit configuration scheme

Technical specifications at a glance

For detailed technical specifications please refer to the Stype kit’s datasheet ›› Download Datasheet

Encoder input: 8 channels
Pan, Tilt, Roll/External Encoder, Zoom, Focus, Dolly
Canon lenses digital protocol
Fujion lenses digital protocol
Re-calibration time after power up
Under 30 sec (If the camera crane was moved to another location then under 5 minutes)
Kit weight
Under 12 kg
Head max payload
Travel on tracks (rail)
Camera tilt angle
360 degrees
Camera pan angle
360 degrees
Zoom encoder resolution
~7,000 pulses
Head max speed
90 degrees/sec
Ramping modes
Exponential, averaging, acceleration limit
Auto aiming
Auto focusing

Global recognition

Fox Sports, the BBC, MTV and many others recognise the StypeKit for its precision and stability. Find out who else is using the StypeKit through StypeKit global community page.