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Blend of simplicity and accuracy

A 4K camera tracking device for TV studios and film.


Our ideal of camera tracking

Our goal at stYpe was to engineer a camera tracking solution that is simple to use, requires no recalibration and works with any camera, even handheld. As a result, we came up with RedSpy – a magnificent realization of our ideals.


Performance combined with power

Sets new speed and accuracy standards for tracking systems.

Traditional problem of optical tracking systems is limited camera cable bandwidth. With RedSpy, we looked ahead and developed special algorithms for FPGA to quickly compress the 4K image before it's sent over cable. This made the tracking faster, more responsive and more accurate.


Undercover Every second counts

Unobtrusively detects its position using infrared LEDs.

Invisible and harmless, RedSpy’s LEDs allow the system to blend with an environment. Once installed, RedSpy can start tracking 20 seconds upon power-on and requires no recalibration.


Reliable marker based detection

Reflective markers make it usable both indoors and outdoors.

RedSpy emits infrared light which gets reflected back to the camera by reflective markers that are installed on a ceiling, side walls, or even a floor when used outdoors.


Camera Pedestals

Camera pedestals and RedSpy are match made in AR heaven.

Free movement of in-studio camera pedestals has always been one of the hardest problems to solve when it comes to camera tracking. Today, with a technology like RedSpy, it has become our favourite 'problem' to solve.


Steadicam and handheld

Finally, a solution for steadicam and handheld cameras.

Quick handheld camera movements expose even the smallest imperfections of tracking systems. RedSpy tracks those movements with ease defining itself as The Solution for handheld or steadicam operation.

Technical specification

Tecnical specification
Camera & Sensor Unit


6.3 cm (ф) x 10 cm (h)


0.35 kg

Controller Board Unit


22 cm (w) x 22 cm (l) x 4 cm (h)


1.5 kg

Package in Hard case


55 cm (w) x 40 cm (l) x 25 cm (h)


9.3 kg

  • Installation Time

    Time needed to install the markers + 6 seconds per each m2 (or each 10 ft2) of space covered.

  • Recalibration Time

    Automatic, 20 seconds after power on.

  • Data Delay

    5 – 8 ms (0.13-0.2 Frames)

  • User Interface

    Simple graphical touch screen user interface.

  • Data Connection

    Serial or UDP connection. Wireless data supported.

  • Data Recording

    Data recording is supported for post processing requirements. Data can be recorded in FBX file format.

  • Supported Lenses

    Canon digital (cable); Fujinon digital (cable); Other lenses supported with external encoders

  • Supported Engines

    Vizrt, Avid, ZeroDensity, Wasp3D, Xpression, Frontier, Brainstorm, Ventuz, RTSoftware, ChyronHego, and others.

  • Supported Systems

    Pedestals, Dollies, Steadicams, Cranes, HandHeld

  • Resolution of a Data

    Positional resolution: <0.1mm; Angular resolution: <0.003 degrees

  • Drift

    System does not accummulate any drift.

  • Warranty

    1 Year warranty

UK election live broadcast with Red Spy