Follower is a brand new product released by stYpe at NAB in April 2019.
It is an object tracking system for studios which use Augmented or Virtual Reality.


We supply you with up to 511 LED beacons which you can put anywhere you want: on things, people, animals(?) and you are then able to place virtual graphics in places of those LED beacons.
For example, if your talent is wearing an LED, and is moving around in the studio, graphics will follow him seamlessly and without extra effort of anyone. Also, if you put LEDs on real things, you can overlay graphics on top of that object, so for example a vase can turn into a World Cup trophy.

Follower uses LED beacons and 4 infrared cameras around the studio, tracks the position of those LEDs and feeds this data into the rendering engine. Voila, that’s it! This new technology opens doors for magical new options with graphics, as graphics have so far been ‘a separate world’ – talent was advised to stay away from graphics, and just adress them from afar. This technological leap makes it possible to interact much more freely with your graphics, while it still looking natural to your viewers.

For all info and inquiries, get in touch via email at: [email protected]