Follower is an object & people tracking system that makes physical interaction with graphics possible, essential making Virtual objects behave as if they were real. It gives hosts of TV shows a new level of freedom as they can play and physically interact with graphics – move them around, throw them or whatever comes to their mind.


Follower consists of 4 (or more) infrared cameras positioned around the studio and up to 1000 LED points that can be followed. The system tracks the position and orientation of these followed objects and enables graphics to be placed in their positions.  Follower system uses LED beacons which are emitting unique light patterns or a solid light, so each beacon is unmistakably identified and is unconfusable with other LED beacons.

Follower system is suitable for live broadcast use and opens doors for immense degrees of innovation in the coming era of live broadcast augmented reality graphics. 

Follower integrates easily with all commonly used rendering engines – Vizrt, Avid, Unreal, Unity, Pixotope, Brainstorm, Ross and many, many others. For best results, you can combine Follower with our camera tracking – RedSpy and Stype Kit. 

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