Winter Olympic games 2018 powered by stYpe

Welcome to the 2018 Winter Olympics!

The Discovery production for Eurosport, on the ongoing Olympics, made a wise decision in picking the stYpe‘s RedSpy tracking system for all augmented and virtual graphics. Beside from that, all of the jibs providing tracking are stYpe’s design as well. We are talking, of course, about brand new Human Crane, designed and manufactured by stYpe. Developed through years of experience in the field, Human Crane proved to be an ideal solution for all kinds of mechanical and optical tracking.

7 systems in total are providing the top-notch tracking for various studios in Pyeongchang, including German, Norwegian, Swedish and Finish Eurosport. Covering multiple venues and featuring winter sports legends, such as Sven Hannawald, Martin Schmitt, Bode Miller, Shaun White and many others, Eurosport’s venture carried on by Stype and our partners Deltatre, is proving to be a huge success so far.

All augmented graphics are rendered by Vizrt software, but we also went boldly into an uncharted territory, providing tracking for the world premiere of the ECUBE, which turned out to be a great success on this Winter Olympics!

Aforementioned production isn’t the only one that recognized stYpe as the field leaders. CBC Canada is also using RedSpy systems to provide augmented graphics for two of their studios.
We in Stype are proud to be a part of this huge event, and this recognition will bolster us to continue hard work in providing viewers with the highest level of virtual experience.