Case Study: Fox Sports brings 30 days of virtuals to women’s soccer fans


Vancouver, Canada. Fans of FIFA Women’s World Cup had a chance to enjoy the exciting duels during June 6th – July 5th, 2015. The exceptionally long period for live broadcast was not something Fox Sports took lightly. A special studio was built just for the occasion and the production crew relied heavily on 3D broadcast graphics throughout the day and during the whole show. “Honestly, I wish that other parts of the show were as effortless. It would make my job almost too easy.“, said David Faller, Director at Fox Sports about working with virtuals and the Stype kit.

In the studio, Fox Sports used a Stanton Jimmy jib, equipped with the Stype kit camera tracking system. Outside, in the yard, there was a 50ft SuperTechno crane also encoded with the Stype kit. This was the first time that the Stype kit was used on a SuperTechno crane. “Absolutely an amazing product!“, Said Paul McKenna, the TechnoCrane camera operator on set. Paul was particularly satisfied because the Stype kit did not change the way he operated the TechnoCrane and did not have to manually adjust the tracking points every day. Virtual graphics were rendered with Vizrt’s virtual studio.

Stype kit gave the production team the very necessary stability and reliability when working with virtual graphics. It was used ten times a day on average and always delivered precise results. This kind of confidence is not usual when working with virtual graphics, so it made life a lot easier for everyone involved. Geordie Wimmer, Coordinating Director for Fox Sports studio and remotes, even added: “I do not envision another remote, that I am a part of, that will not use Stype“.