Augmented reality set with the Stype kit

crane encoding

We used the Stype Kit to precisely determine camera head’s position after which we were able to connect it to a 3D rendering software and import computer generated animations into the scene-real time.

Hourouf aw Aloof is an annual Ramadan Game Show in which contestants from all over the Middle-East can call to the show.

When they are on the show, they have to answer several questions; the more answers they get right, the more money they win. This show is viewed by 140 million people on a daily basis. Therefore, it has a huge impact in the Middle-East!

The show is broadcasted live so high level of performance is mandatory. This show has entirely been developed and designed by LedGo and PiVOT. All the moving graphics and special effects were also designed by PiVOT.

LedGo supplied the 5 and 6MM EQ HR line and the LedGo Augmented reality. In this set design, the Augmented reality becomes so real that you are no longer sure of what is real and Augmented reality! At the start of the program, the show master walks in the real set with an overlay of the augmented reality, this creates an amazing 3D effect that you have never experienced!

StypeGrip supplied two Stype Kit’s which proved their high level of performance in real time conditions.



Huroof w Uloof MBC from Film Odyssey on Vimeo.